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The story of our son Nathan was tough to share at first, but we decided to anyway. Now it has now been downloaded thousands of times around the world. Emails have come in with reports of how it has touched lives. Perhaps it will also touch yours. We hope so. Thank you everyone for all the messages. Because the story used to be difficult to find online, we setup this site to make it easier to discover and share. You can watch the VIDEO, download the THE STORY (which contains more of what happened) and/or download NATHAN'S PRAYER.

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PS Also, if you know someone going through a particularly tough time, please consider passing along Nathan's Story to encourage them.



If you are hurting or need a lift, perhaps you'll find new strength reading or viewing The Story of Nathan.


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Does Time Heal?

Here I am, closing in on three years from the death of my dear son Nathan.  He would probably be quite a handful right now. But, as a friend of mine so sweetly says, "Better to have hand's full than empty."  I am sure many of you have heard a hundred times, "Don't worry. Time heals".  I gu ...


Thank you for sharing you story with my sister and me the other day! Your strength is so uplifting and such a reminder of what is important in our lives and how the small things really mean nothing! Hoping you continue to find healing in your sorrow and the days you only find sadness may God lift you up again. Thinking of you today- Christine a...
Saturday, 03 November 2012
Sue Drayton
Three years does not seem possible. I am humbled by your family. God Bless.
Monday, 07 November 2011
Brenda Dennis
Thank you for sharing Nathan with all of us. My family has lost 2 grandsons in the last 3 years so we know a bit of your pain. I will pray for you all.
Friday, 04 November 2011